Joan Rivers CAUGHT ALIVE in public six months after 'death'

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I can't help but wonder if she was forced off the stage because of her little drops of information about Michael (Michelle Obama). The everyone knows shes a tranny one. Thoughts anyone?

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  • Nice video but all the image manipulation was unnecessary . Just a side by side of the before and after was all that was needed. It is obvious they are the same people. The voice similarities just cinches it. Yep.Joan is alive.
  • I'm so glad she's alive...I knew she'd be sorry she mentioned "Michelle" the tranny 😱😈😂
  • Well if the Obamas are Cabal and Joan Rivers was Cabal (Masonic/Illuminati) isn't that kind of like a "house divided against itself"? since Joan outed Michelle? Gotta think about this one. The facial overlays were pretty impressive and the voice similarities uncanny.
  • I'd say she had plenty of money to create a new life. I'd also not be surprised to find out she had threats on her life especially after the tranny remark....then again maybe she had a lot of valuable information on a few of the elite and is in a sort of witness protection program. Shes been around Hollywood for a heck of alot of years...I bet she knew what was in the closet of a bunch of Hollywood money people
  • Just had to leave the stage.Exit stage left.
  • She Did call Michael a Tranny!!!!!!!!!
  • Im speachless!! But she did out the Obamas!!!
  • was there a body stand in for her operation? why else would they have cremated the body so fast without permission.
  • Wow. I don’t know what to say. The likeness is uncanny, but the voice. Never been seen again?
  • officially ... mind blown
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