Lawyer Sidney Powell Says Trump Team Has “Massive” Evidence, Lawsuits Coming SOON | Glenn Beck

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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson challenged lawyer Sidney Powell last night for what he says is a failure to provide his team with clear evidence of election fraud. But speaking with Glenn this morning, Powell says her team DOES have “massive amounts of evidence…to the point we haven’t even had time to process all of it.” But, more importantly, Powell says she’s hoping a lawsuit will be filed “by next week,” which will officially begin the court process to prove voter fraud was rampant earlier this month. Listen to her full interview with Glenn, during which she describes the steps the Trump team will take to prove our fair election process may be in serious trouble — steps which include posting some of their evidence online over the next few days.

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  • An Amazing, Courageous Lady is Sidney Powell!!! Keep her in your prayers!!! Good catch, Yig!!!
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