McCAIN Put to death

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Did John Kasich have a slip of the tongue here?

If you want to hear it from the original video go to the 5:05 mark on this link

Original video

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  • Monsters are real...they just hide behind a smile and a uniform 😈😢
  • Wow I never heard this clip before!
  • Sounds like it!!!!!!
  • Yes Thank you Janice. I am beginning to think my site is beginning to mess with me. We are going to have a little talk about it tomorrow.
    Meanwhile you can try my direct link on yt:
  • The link appears to be broken.
  • Put to death?
    And there was me thinking he was persuaded to commit suicide.
  • Lol that would explain some of the animus and vitriol from the fam, and why Cindy looked like she was being "escorted / guarded" by the generals.
  • Wowzer Yig! Excellent find! I'd say that was a huge slip o' the tongue! Kasich is probably regretting it big time!
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