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  • Your coming upon this "by accident" reminds me of a conversation I recently had with a friend, also in her 70's!! We come stumbling down thru' life not really understanding what is going on around us!! In looking back we can see where Someone Else's agenda was in play & we were just going thru' the motions of "living"!! We are not alone in the Universe, & never have been. If our view of things is limited to this 3-D tiny backwater of a planet we live on, there is much we are missing!! Who knew?!!

    Yig's "stumbling" on to glamis has been a great encouragement in my own struggle to bring some dots together as it shows that there is a Bigger Plan with a hierarchal system of control in play about which we know nothing!!

    I recently "stumbled" upon the New Kid on The Block, Billy Carson. This man is amazing & his journey has led him to reading a great many of the Ancient Writings so that he is able to put together a more comprehensible picture of what has happened on this planet in the past. His website is 4biddenknowledge

    There are so many whose lives seem to have been "guided" from the Outside so that they would accomplish a certain purpose; not knowing where they were going or what was going to unfold in their lives, just like Billy Carson. I think of David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, Rocket Scientist David Adair, Kerry Cassidy, Linda Moulton Howe....just to name a few. There are SO many who have contributed to this Great Awakening; so many Digital Soldiers who are playing their part!! It is quite encouraging that the pieces seem to be falling together now & that Light is going to win over the Darkness that has enveloped this planet for SO long!! Yeah!!!
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