Omarosa Just Trolled The View

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After watching this I think she may very well be playing on the Trump Team! This video is 3:36 seconds. She sets them up beautifully and even brings a special "Tape." Lol Wait until you hear the clip they play!!!!



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  • Im going to say I agree. It makes no sense for her to turn on Trump. None at all. He hosted her wedding reception. No. I suspect the same may be true about Stormy. It just doesnt add up. Never did. But its certainly kept the left very busy not reporting news.
  • Everything Omarosa says is mocking the Fake News, it’s all the made up stories that have been already been reported in the news...
  • I totally agree! I’ve been saying since day 1 she’s playing a role... hilarious, shes laying out exactly how Hillary paid for the dossier! So far every tape has been a nothing burger... you can hear Whoopi and Joy eating it up... Abby’s a bit more skeptical, lol!!
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