Osama was dead Long Before this 2007 interview: Frost over the World - Benazir Bhutto

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If u think we caught Osama listen to Benazir (just before she was murdered)  she tells the name of the man who Killed Osama Bin Laden.  that was Nov 2007 ! 

the lie we caught Osama is why the navy seals died in the copter crash!  

someone tell Hannity he sounds like a fool 

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  • WHOA! they scrubbed the audio ONLY for the part when she says Osama was murdered by ____
    I am uploading a clip I recorded off my ibook's screen in Nov 2007 when she was shot in the head -prolly over this very video!
    two uploads on utube are damaged in the same spot .. about 5 min. in .. don't worry I got the dirt! here it comes :)
    https://gab.ai/tv/watch/16710 { here is the original interview. about 5 min in she says the name of the man who murdered Osama
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