Q Anon Mystery Finally Solved! NOTHING IS HAPPENING! (Special Presentation)

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This is a GREAT Video as well as a easily understood introduction to Q.

It puts together how Q has evolved. It has taken some key happenings, or "Proofs" as we like to call them, and put them together into a very cohesive presentation. It is far from being anything boring and especially well made for those new to Q. It shows them there really are "Happenings." regardless of what the MSM tries to tell them and it proves it.

The video 16:18 minutes, but well worth it. Just give it a moment to really get going, you know past intro production stuff. One note, in the begining there will be a part where your video will look distorted or like a snowish appearence. It is just how they filmed it. Its only for about 15 seconds then its HD all the way

Anyone from the #Walkaway movment will enjoy this also.

All in All a great production from "Truth and Art TV."

You can find them here:

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  • I thought so too Wish!
  • Almost looks like he did a quick Q when he was saying "Calm before the storm"
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