Q Followers Explained - Finally

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I have had it with the medias explanations of what and who we are. I have attempted to set the record straight.

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  • Straight up Truth, love ya Yig
  • @Loxie :) Im glad you enjoyed it. I am far from being anywhere near anything like Rush L! It was nice he got the medal I agree. Frankly I think age makes speaking easier because you really dont care nor suffer from the Peer Pressure anymore! Who knew even when Im serious I still make folks laugh :)
  • You GO, Girl!!! Had me rockin' with laughter!! Wish I had your public speaking ability!! I'll have to call you the Female "Rush Limbaugh"!!! I was so glad he got the medal!!!

    Isn't it wonderful that "they" have been forced to deal with us?!!! The parasites are being taken down....finally!!
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