Q Pretenders or?

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  • Great video, Yig!!! As a 75 yr old Grandma who has only been "awake" for a little over 5 years......it IS so very important that each of us does our own thinking!! Most of us simply stick with the childhood brainwashing we received & NEVER bother to think for ourselves! That is SAD!!! A good motto is "Question Everything!" The Controllers trained us Sheeple well....to this day there are many who still think our gov't would not do anything to hurt us! There are many who have even given their lives in this fight for "freedom"....those who are 'woke' know this!! Each of us can be a force within our own Sphere of Influence!!!(however small that may be...it counts)

    For anyone following the Pedo Empire takedown....dnajlion7 keeps his eye on that one! He has his "religious" side, but we all have "something", don't we?!!
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