Qanon SpaceX SKY Fortress ZUMA ENGAGED & Operational Digital WORLD Peace Through Strength ABM

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#Qanon President Trump Space Force Chain of Command Red October Hawaii Missile Alert SPACEX MILITARY OPS ##FLY## [OWLS] Orbital Weaponize LAZER System ( As t...

This has actually been hidden in the chan files and was just discovered today 5/30

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  • bmaat? Are you referring to the "Dark KNIGHT?" I know they didnt loose the payload because I watched it continue on from my own house. Even have some footage of it, but it really isnt clear enough to prove it, but I did watch it keep going after the flash
  • Excellent find
  • interesting that they included the footage of the israeli attack on yemen. there was talk that it was a neutron bomb due to the 'sparkling' caused when the radiation ionized the film.
    star wars never went away. it just went dark. spaceX didn't lose that military payload either. and of course we have the highly secretive mystery orbital vessel that occasionally returns to earth.
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