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  • Melody.....there is nothing we can do to change other people!! It is a difficult lesson in life, but SO true. There seems to be no way you can have a "normal"'s on their end....not yours!!! Don't chase after them....just BE....each person has to wend their way through their own Personal Journey.

    So sorry about your Fibromyalgia & bad back....what a bummer!!! I know how painful all that can be! Surround yourself with positive images, music, etc. Build up your own Spirit!! Be comforted in knowing that all we live through in this life is a preparation for whatever our next "assignment" might be!!

    Will hold you in my Prayers, for sure!!!
  • I am having the same problem with my two girls. They hate Trump, because he’s “racist” all they have heard is 3rd hand information. I’ve been stuck in bed with Fibromyalgia and a bad back, so I’m on my iPad a lot looking up and researching things. Now my husband thinks I’m crazy too. I feel like I have a knife stuck in my chest, it hurts.

    That is their picture in my profile...I just want a good relationship with hurts that there is this division between us... praying for just a few small seeds to be planted in their minds and they will grow.

    I am so happy for you! My girls won’t even let me mention anything, and my husband doesn’t want me saying anything, so it is what it is.... I tell my kids to stay safe... They don’t live with me... most the time they don’t text me I just got to pray.
  • Finally! You should be proud! Thank you for helping us all!
  • **** Congrats on the Daughter Conversion!!! **** Hopefully many more will soon wake up!!!
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