Some Truths You Probably Don't Really Want to Hear! (an eye opening video)

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"Why Does Nobody Talk About This...!?" MAX IGAN

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  • Rife machines & Reich......anything that was "outside" mainstream established science was squashed!! We had electric street cars & they quietly disappeared as Big Oil took over the world!! Profit became all that was thought about.

    Tartaria, Khazaria......These are countries that we are not taught about in school....why???
    Who is controlling our education??

    There is a book called, "A.I., Trump, China and the weaponization of Robotics with 5G" by Cyrus A. Parsa. We are powerful beings, but have lost the knowledge OF that! We have the ability to reconnect with The One.....we don't need to have implants to accomplish what we already can do....IF we take the time to learn how!! Healing by sound & light is what many of the Abductees remember.

    I think we have learned enough to realize that 5-G is NOT good for the human this what is going on while we are all locked down in our houses??? Is a new way of life being prepared to which we will acquiese just because we will be so glad to get back to 'normal'??
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