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This is really funny and I just had to share it with you good folks! It is straight face humor which Im kind of known for myself and its only 1:50. You have less than 2 minutes to spare for a good laugh dont you?!

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  • Wow! That was funny...i guess it could be because I know that is what some people see when I try to red pill somebody! I know my friends must see me like that. You can see it on their faces! I just keep going though because you never know what might get through to BUT, after the video was finished the screen changed to the next upcoming video and the next video is from "Linda G Comanche Psychic" Well, I came onto her channel the other day somehow and that woman made my head spin around and brought me straight into a little reality check. She... I can't express myself actually. She... She hates Trump and Q and all of her followers hate Trump and Q. I realized that we still have a long road ahead and we have to keep waking people up. Please take a look at her videos. They are the perfect way to get yourself spurred on by showing what we are up against still! Maybe I have been in my little bubble, but not anymore! This should be mandatory viewing for all of us, it scared the hell out of me.
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