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This is a 3 part series pertaining to Tonya Ugoretz. These 3 videos are snips I edited out of an interview she did. If you listen closely she does give quite a bit away about certian things. This video is part 1. I snipped them down for easier listening for you.

This is a Breakdown on Ugoretz and CTIIC that she directed in 2016 that you should also know.

1) CTIIC was under the DNI and Ugoretz was appointed by Clapper.

2) CTIIC is not an investigator but an aggregator of cyber-attack reports to give to the president and was created after the Sony attacks.

3) Ugoretz gave reports directly to Obama approximately twice a week.

4) Ugoretz worked at the FBI and the CIA.

Continue to PART 2 HERE

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