TW: CIA Child Snuff Survivor Speaks Out

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WARNING: This video contains graphic descriptions of violence against children.

Trigger warning: CIA child snuff trafficking, MK ULTRA / Monarch mind control (torture, drugging, dissociation), cultural disbelief, Deep Underground Military Bases, genocide, institutional white supremacy, propaganda, Generational Organized Crime, implied forced perpetration, PTSD, Polyfragmented DID, Exponential Fragmentation, grief, rescuing trafficked children, threat of human extinction outside of the underground and the rise of the NWO, graphic descriptions of violence against children involving cannibalism, torture and murder

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  • I have a buddy on FB who just told me that a lot of our servicemen/women who were reported to be killed in various countries, were in fact, trafficked. They were made to endure a lot of what this gal speaks of. Many have been recovered. Wouldn't it be incredible if that's the REAL point of the parade on 11.11.... to announce they are really alive? There are also a lot of kids like Natalee Holloway who were sold by their parents, but recovered from trafficking.
  • I can't breathe. Everyday it seems more knowledge of the pure evil is brought to the light. These people are sick and need to be found and hang until they are dead.
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