Who Is Johnny Lange? - The Hollywood Cut (FULL VERSION)

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Johnny Lange - Hollywood Cut

As requested, this is the full interview.

When I finished the first cut, distributors were very excited to get this, but kept having me cut more and more of the interview. The powers that be in Hollywood were also excited to release this but had me do even more cuts.

They hired another editor to work with me and said they wanted a “psychedelic” type version for their cannabis-using audience. I’m ashamed to say that this version was made for that purpose so it’s stimulating for that audience but not what I originally wanted.

As time moved forward, it became very clear that someone or some group wanted to own this project with no plans of ever releasing it.

Either that or they wanted a version that was so “jazzed up” that no one would take it seriously.

Luckily, I refused to sign any final contracts and decided to release it online.

Why? Because regardless of what you believe or think you know, there is nothing in this interview that you can’t find if you search hard enough.

From January 2018 when we shot the interview until now, October 2019, so many things have come to fruition in the mainstream news.

On my YouTube channel, you can see an early segment where Johnny was talking about Jeffrey Epstein BEFORE he was in the news.

Since that time, things Johnny talked about that has since been in the news: Jeffrey Epstein, Trump, Clinton Mafia, Lolita Express, Gotti, Gravano, Weinstein, Spacey, Corrupt Referees, Gambling, Antisemitism, Whitey Bulger, Kennedy, Secret Societies, Freemasons, Knights of Colombus, Rudy Guiliani and the list goes on and on.

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