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Thank goodness we have someone with the courage to stand up to the DS. WATCH THIS TO THE END.


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  • Hi,, Lauren! Thanks so much!!! A Head's Up to anyone reading this.....if you want to know how DEEP the DS goes....check out Sarah Westall's recent interviews with Patrick Bergy!! This poor wh'blower can't get anyone to pay attention to his story!! He was in contact with Judge Janine & Devin Nunes, but they dropped contact with him, which tells me that the Control Tentacles reach even further than we thought!!! What a mess this all is!! I guess it's a "relief" to know there is a Higher Chain of Command than we knew about before Yig stumbled upon glamis!!
  • Hey, Lauren.....that would be neat if you could alert us to any new postings on the g site!!! We know we are not alone in the Universe & never have been. I recently became aware of Billy Carson's work 4biddenknowledge. He has read many of the Ancient Writings & pulls the thread together very well. UAMN had a great presentation from him during Contact in the Desert!! I also like to follow Linda Molton Howe. She does a weekly Wed. night video & I have learned a lot from her. I think it was pretty amazing that our Yig got picked to unveil the g site!!! At age 75 I can look back & realize there were times when I was "guided" in a certain direction, but didn't know what was going on at the time!!! I think she handled it very well!! ;-)
  • Hi Loxie-I just uploaded a pdf I made of the entire GlamisCalling website with notes and verifications I made by checking the dates in the world news to see if there was a match. The first pdf I uploaded was only partially done. I have since added more verifications. Oh BTW and as I write this the little red squiggle line for miss spelling keeps showing up under the word verifications. Did you know that the singular and plural form of this word are the same and without a 'pluralizing' 'S' at the end? No, I didn't either but I'm keeping it because it just sounds better. So Loxie f you want the pdf of the Glamis web site i can send you the latest update. The more I read that site ,the more fascinated I become. I think there is really something to it. In particular, read the October 27, 2017 the day BEFORE Q started posting.. Here is the post: "Begin posting and expect major impact. All shall awaken" with a big silver Q icon. This site is a trip. Madame Somerset i am convinced is an extraterrestrial with a very high level of intelligence. I sure hope she is on our side.
  • Go, Rudy!!! ;-) On another note, I can't remember the date on the one glamis posting, but last time I read it, it made me wonder if it was The Indonesian who was being told to step down???!!!
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