Yig Rant for Tulsi Gabbard

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The Dems have done Tulsi Gabbard dirty and its just plain wrong.

Link to Coreydigs and myself video on the C Virus: https://youtu.be/_b5W23yQEOc

Link to the Fox article on Tulsi Gabbard: https://www.businessinsider.com/dnc-m...

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  • Just to let you know the link for the Fox article is not working!! I wonder why???!
  • Hear!! Hear!! How long will it take for people to realize our country has been run by a 'gangster' mentality for toooooooo long?!!! The Cabal is loosing its grip on Thinking People & hopefully some of the Dems will begin to realize this sad fact. Seth Rich, anyone?? Or, how about John Dougan, the FL cop that had to flee to Russia to live because of the inbred corruption in his district??? He actually had to rescue the lady who had The Goods on the whole Burisma scandal after she was beaten up!! Many have actually given their lives trying to right this listing ship!! The least each of us can do is to spread the word in our own Sphere of Influence!!

    Thanks for doing Corey's "rant"!! Some good facts in there!! I love how Joseph P. Farrell puts it.....the Billionaire Busybodies!!! I would like to know where it was that Oprah went "off track"?!! Was she so bedazzled by being able to be with the "in crowd" that she lost track of her own integrity???
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