Yig Thoughts TS 1-19

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  • Interesting how Life teaches us our lessons as we move along!!! The sad part is that the majority of us "deplorables" never move outside The Box our parents placed us in!!! Our environment seems to dictate how we will be & unless something comes along to burst The Bubble we have been living in, we stay IN it!!

    The Middle Ages Mindset has kept humanity imprisoned for soooo long......I can say that because I stayed within it for 70 years!!! What has happened to our society was carefully planned so it would look like WE were coming to our own conclusions. Wrong!!! Society was carefully "herded" in a certain direction to achieve certain ends!! I like the way Catherine Austin Fitts puts it.....she wants no part of the transhuman development....she wants to stay "human"!!! Once we are all "chipped" they can control us even MORE easily!!! Look how we freely gave them all our information just because they gave us some new toys to play with!!! ;-) The control of the press started back in the 1800's when a small group decided to put out the flow of information that THEY wanted in order to control the public!! It worked & we ended up having two World Wars with the banksters getting richer & richer. What we DIDN'T realize at the time is that there was a Control Structure even above them!!
    It took a Yig to discover that Next Step Up!!! Thanks so much for having a curious mind!! A Big Hug to you, Amazing Lady!!!
  • Thank you for your honest sharing Yig! We should (be taught to)embrace the feminine and masculine sides of ourselves! It is ok for girls to embrace the masculine energies as it is ok for males to embrace the female energies. Let them be rough and tumble, let them be gentle, let them wear pants, let them try on the make-up; just let them Be! Unfortunately this cult of Transgenderism is harming our children - the urgent need for drugs, surgery is destroying a generation, breaking bodies, minds and families.
  • I want you to be Yig. I appreciate how you do deliver the no-nonsense, stand your ground and will not be manipulated. I am 68 and past the point of putting up with stupid. I had a cousin male that I grew up with and he was always, always efeminate. Born that way. He played dolls with us, dressed up with us girls. So you cannot deny that some of the genetics are at play. But going in for surgery=yikes. I am against that even with medical issues Messing around with the body is dangerous period. Especially using chemicals and hormone therapy.
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