You're The BEST

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Really! I mean it, you guys ARE THE BEST!

As many of you know, my Monitor blew out on Thursday Night. That was not good for me because all my work in on my computer and this is the ONLY JOB I have to live on. I have no other income except for any donations that you good folks share with me.

We just hit 3000 members yesterday and I only have 14 patreons out of that 3000, so its a real struggle every month not knowing what Im going to have to live on  or who may donate a little something each month outside of Patreon. Its very hard at 62 when the government has turned you down for everything early ss included.

So I was pretty bummed when my monitor blew because then I had NOTHING to work with.

Some of you really stepped up to the plate though and helped me out and I can never Thank You enough, but please know I am ever so thankful  and very touched as well. You actually brought a tear to me eye and made me feel proud to know we are still human and full of kindness when we want to be. Im proud to be a part of the American Patriot Team :)

Again, Thank you so much, You Really Are The Best

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  • So glad you got a tire fixed!! There really ARE some necessities in life!!! I will never forget your Birthday......turns out it was 6 years ago on that date that my late Husband "crossed over"!! It is also the Birthday of one of my local Dear Friends!!
    All The Best to you, Dear Yig, as you continue on your own Personal Journey!!
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