BARBARA VOLLICK replied to Yig Wilson's discussion Q DROPS 8/30 Update 1
"Of course Nellie Ohr is CIA.  She may be the key that unlocks the final door of their own demise!  May they all burn in GITMO.  God will decide who burns in hell!"
Aug 30
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"I have had a dozen or so friends here it without showing them the video and without knowing who they were hearing. I simply said, "Listen to these two voices, 20 y ears apart. Are they the same person?" Except for one person, they all said it was th…"
Aug 22
BARBARA VOLLICK replied to Yig Wilson's discussion Revisiting Obamas Birth Cert. New Discovery
"Very well done.  I knew the BC was fake the second I saw it, but it had nothing to do with the digital mutations.  It was two things that immediately caught my eye and had me laughing.  The first thing that stood out was Race of Father:  African.  F…"
Apr 16
BARBARA VOLLICK replied to Yig Wilson's discussion This Meat is Tough to Stomach
"One of the things I did and feel so much better for it is switch to organic foods, but from smaller farms.  All my meat is grass fed and the animals have not been given any hormones or antibiotics.  The key is make sure the meat is from USA and smal…"
Apr 10
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Feb 4