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NEW Q Drop 5/4 update 2

I just want to make a note here to let you know Q has created a New Board today and a New Trip code. DO NOT PANIC. From what I can tell it has been 99% confirmed. It may take a bit for the other Q boards that you might read the drops on a bit to get

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Soros and The Hague and...


 An anon has just made a pretty awesome find of connections. Think of what this would mean. Maybe we can help make this connection.



Anons, just found out a couple of crazy things.


The first is that the European Council on Foreign R

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Shame on you Apple

Nothing annoys me more then a big company that takes their business to another country for cheap labor, screws the country out some of their taxes and then brings it all back to us to charge us an outrageous price for their product. Not only that, bu

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Silent Q TEAM Drops on 5/2

Last night following the Q drops it seems the silent team took over with a couple cryptic drops themselves. Take it for what you will, but you folks should know by now I keep an eye out for these things.

The following graphics shows those the drops:

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Astana, Ever Heard of it?


Astana, what is it? Where is it? Why am I posting about it? All good questions and Im going to try and answer them.

Lets answer the last question first. One of our site members Annette brought it to my attention today. While I do recall seeing some

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