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Clinton Email Digs

Thought I would put some of the better finds here in one place. By all means feel free to add your own finds in the comments. These are in no particular order.

If they are coordinating a meeting with Yanukovich. Why is the subject Pinchuk??



This li

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The Devils Heaven Event

Since there has been a little confusion about this event Im going to try and direct you to some places to get the real story.

The photo of Alex Soros with the girl in black is from the Devil's Heaven event that took place at Watermill in the Hamptons

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Q DROP 5/21 - 22 Update 3


Q !CbboFOtcZs  05/21/18 (Mon) 19:04:49

Military OP.


General K [JFK]

Full Disclosure.

General Statement:

Once the 'extremely guarded & highly classified' information is finally revealed to House investigators, DNI, public etc., RR must r

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Anon X 5/20

Yes we heard from the new X today. I saw a couple go by in the last few days, but they werent really notable to bring here. This one is though I think

In response to this Q DROP:

Fullsized image











Anonymous  05/20/18 (Sun) 18:48:24 d7b458 No.14861

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