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I am putting this below here for now as proof that I did this if there is ever any question. The time of the post and just the fact Im doing this should be enough. I am also putting it out of the way here so…

I do believe a member of what I call the silent Q Team may have shown up today. I could be wrong, but its the same gut feeling I usually get. Decide for yourself as always. I do believe you will be very happy when…

Buckle up my friends Q updated his tripcode today. Might be a very busy night ahead of us. As always I will update as they start coming. Check the title for update and be sure to refresh the page.…

The links below will take you to the best compilations of all things Q for you to have as tools to research


ALL Q from day 1 PDF (File can be downloaded or viewed on site)

Strickly MAPS Galore (Beautiful work done here)

Another ALL Q from day 1 PDF file (You may prefer this one over the first one, both are great. Just depends on your preference)

NEW PASTE BIN up to date