This anon really outdid themselves putting this together and it really should be seen. As always if I think that then I bring it here for you to see it and comment on. I  will just let them basically present it all themselves:

Among all the posts Q made yesterday, there was one thing that was puzzling to me.  He mentioned several different groups.  All of these groups are involved in things that are not good, but I was wondering how they all tied together.  Some of them even seemed to be antagonistic to each other.  It was  a lot of info and left me somewhat with a spinning head, trying to put all the various groups into a cohesive whole.
So I have spent some time thinking about it and trying to figure out if there is a connection or common thread.


1.  Occult with Marina Abramovich

*  apparent connections to pedo rings/child sacrifice

*  abortion/Planned Parenthood

*  ties to Hollywood and media/political elites

*  Illuminati and bloodlines/autocratic


2.  Islam (the video link)

*  pedo practices

*  autocratic

*  fundamentalist fervor/jihad/terrorism

*  imposition of Sharia law goal

*  want to spread their rule world-wide


3.  Nazis

*  MK ultra/torture/genocide

*  fanatical devotion to cause and iconic leaders

*  autocratic

*  violent repression

*  occult practices

*  Vatican ties

*  facist and socialist

*  scientific racism, anti-semitism


4.  Vatican

*  pedophilia

*  occult practices reported

*  desire for worldwide domination

*  autocratic

*  anti-semitism

*  past history of violent acts such as Inquisition

*  Nazi connection


5.  Antifa (Anti-facist communist)

*  Communists also want to impose their ideology on the world

*  Willing to commit violence to achieve it

*  made use of brainwashing (similar to MK Ultra)

*  Millions died under Stalin and Lenin

*  repressive of those under their rule

*  force worship of their leaders

*  atheistic

*  autocratic


6.  And then there’s the CIA

*  Nazi and communist connections

*  pedo rings/MK Ultra/child sacrifice/occult practices

*  corruption

*  will commit crimes/kill/violence/false flags to achieve their goals

*  ties to Hollywood and media/political elites

*  seems like they’re working for the cause of globalism and not the cause of the USA.


Each of these groups seems to be separate, and ideologically separate.  Yet they have many similarities in their beliefs or practices.   


Q said that Hitler was a puppet.  So who is behind it, pulling all these strings together into a world-wide plot?


Jerome Corsi speculated that NWO refers to novus ordo seclorum on the back of the $1.00 bill.  Meaning, New Order of the Ages (or New World Order). 


Is it the Freemasons/Illuminati?  Who is/are the puppet master(s)?  How do all these groups tie together into the picture of the /_\  ??

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  • A good read from 8chan


  • this journalist explains a lot very clearly ... maybe this will help -

    Linda S

    • Thank you for sharing this. Ever little bit helps and this is exactly what I built the site for :)

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