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Before We Start

 People ask me different question about them when I post them up. One being what kind of camera I use. That would be a "Canon PowerShot SX60 HS." Pretty handy dandy little camera it is. If you are looking to get a new camera I would highly suggest it!

People also ask me if they can purchase some of my work. This is tricky because Im the type of person that always gives things away. Probably why Im in the boat Im in now at this point in time of my life! Any pictures posted here I have left to be right clickable to save. If you save them to a memory stick and take them to some place like Walgreens or similar and have them print it out for you, you will have yourself a nice little 8x10 photo you can frame for yourself or give as a gift!

If you are looking for a larger version of a pic then you can contact me here , shoot me a message and we can talk about it!

While I am giving you these all freely because thats just how I roll, I wouldnt be adverse to you clicking on the Tip Jar below and dropping in a little appreciation love jingle change! Have to keep these site going somehow!

 Thanks so much! Now scroll on down to Enjoy All the Photos or go straight to your Favorite Category!

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