Welcome to Yigs Store

I know she isnt fancy like other stores, but she is a little work in progress and sometimes you find the best things in the little out of the way places dont you???


The first two graphics below will show you my work that is in the store so far. I will be adding more as I find the time. You can choose the size, paper weight, etc., at the store and they will ship to you directly.

If you read a little further down you will also see I have a little special for you too!



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 I know a lot of you that read the site are content on being just lurkers and not joining. Thats fine. As long as the information gets out there or you can find what you are looking for here, that is the important thing. Today though I thought Id make you a little offer just to kick things off with the store! 

If you Donate or become a Patron of the site, I will send you an 8x10 file of this graphic below to do with as you wish. One suggestion I would make is to print it out. frame it, and give it to a friend as a nice little gift! (I would also suggest taking them somewhere to have them printed for you so that you get the rich colors and not eat up your own ink)


If  you cant read what it says:

I know I don't often keep in touch,

But I wanted to make you a little

something to let you know I do think

about you pretty much every day and wish

you well.

So, if you are ever feeling lonely or down,

Know someone has thought of you and 

that you have plenty of guardian angels

in all kinds of forms looking out for you.

Peace my Friend



Guess What? You have other choices if that doesnt work for you!

Pick one from the Duck collection:

Still not feeling it? How about The Moon Collection?


All you have to do to receive any of these 8x10's is Donate to help support the Site by either clicking the Pay Pal Button or the Patreon Button Below. Then just add in the comment section while you are there making the donation which piece (by name over top of each picture) you want and what email (most important) you would like me to send it too. Example, I would like Happy Ducks, or Moon 3, or The Wolf picture.

You can always message me on here with any questions you may have. :) If you have already donated in the past Just message me here privately to let me know which email you used and which picture you would like also. I didnt forget about you!

Easy Breezy!


 Thank you so much if you have decided to Help!